2023 Winter Camp

A group of eight South Korean and five Brazilian high school students participated in the WLHS winter camp program from January 20-February 5. Their first WLHS experience was the annual Lunar New Year Party. Additionally, each student was paired with a Wisco friend, an American student who they shadowed periodically throughout the school day.
Included in the winter camp experience, students had their own English and U.S. Culture class and went on an assortment of field trips around the area. They toured local universities, volunteered at a food bank, visited local elementary schools, and traveled to Madison and Chicago. During their final weekend, they experienced life at Honey Creek Hall, including the Winter Festival Dance. The camp experience culminated with a closing ceremony in which each student spoke about their camp experience and received a certificate of participation.

Special thanks to the Wisco friends and host families for their great care of the Korean and Brazilian students during their stay here. We hope to see some of these campers back at WLHS for future experiences!
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