Usando el Español

Taking a foreign language at Wisco has numerous applications outside the classroom, not just for homework. For example, the entire student body was invited to the second annual CINE WISCO in February. More than 60 students enjoyed the traditional Spanish snack of churros and chocolate, and then watched the movie Vivo on the big screen in the auditorium. Vivo is packed with fun, Cuban-American music and culture, and was shown in Spanish with English subtitles.
Another way our students can apply their foreign language education is through mission trips. This year, WLHS is excited to offer two mission trips to Spanish-speaking countries for the 2023 summer. Two different groups of students will use their language skills and their servants' hearts to serve in Mexico and Puerto Rico! We are excited to see God's creation, to serve fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and perhaps, to witness to those who don't know Jesus.
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