MINI Business World Field Trip

WLHS students attended a one-day MINI Business World field trip held at UW-Milwaukee at Waukesha. Students were broken into small groups, with various other area schools, and tasked with building a business from the ground up. In the culminating activity, each group showcased their new product in an engaging mock trade show at the end of the day. Congratulations to Wisco student Jayden Bauer ('23), whose group won with the idea to install vending machines that can hold both cold and warm items to satisfy late night snack cravings on college campuses.
The proposal also suggested that snacks close to expiring could be given to food pantries so that they could be used by someone in need instead of being tossed away, as well as an idea for a hypothetical assignment for college marketing classes to promote the snacks for a grade. Students from WLHS who attended the business field trip included: Jayden Bauer ('23), Grace Becker ('23), Micah Buske ('23), Nikolas Draganchuk ('23), Shelby Reneau ('23), Weston Sundholm ('23).
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