Mental Health Summit

WLHS students, along with Pathways High and Beloit Memorial High School, were invited to a mental health summit organized by WI Academy of Global Education & Training (WAGET). The event, held at American Family Field, encouraged its participants to offer solutions regarding the youth mental health crisis. At the end of the event, groups from each school shared ideas about raising awareness of mental health needs. Through the generosity of The Mars Family Foundation, one group from each school was awarded $1,000 grant.
WLHS Student Services Director Emily Jiles said of the event, "It was important for our students to attend to connect with other students from a variety of backgrounds on something that affects many of their friends and family: mental health. It was really powerful to see these kids come together in a short time and work together and use their voices to make their school communities a better place for all students. Our young people need to understand that everyone can play a role in making improvements and that they have an opportunity to lead their peers in mental health initiatives."
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