Student Spotlight: Maeva from Spain

"My journey at Wisco has been amazing since the beginning. The school has an exceptional program for international students. The teachers and supervisors are also truly prepared to make our transitions and lives easier. The international students in the dorms and host families are genuinely nice and kind, and I got close to them sooner than I would have ever expected."
I have been involved in a lot of activities. I have been in the crew for the drama play, part of the ensemble in the musical, the fashion show, Hideaway (student talent show), a wrestling manager, a photographer for the yearbook ("Compass"), a thrower for the track team, and a member of both the Residential Activities Committee (RAC) and Student Council, which also allowed me to make a lot of American friends, all in my first year.

I've also had a lot of opportunities to connect to the student body through music, a huge part of my life: in Hideaway, singing for chapel, with the A Cappella choir, and as a soloist, I am always busy, but I love it.

After a few months living here, I have a lot of amazing friends I can literally trust with my life, in and outside of the dorms. Not gonna lie, the dorm life can be exhausting. Living with people you just met, from cultures totally different from yours, it can be tiring. That is when you find out that everyone around you is different, but we all struggle with the same problems: being far away from home, the language barrier, etc. The experience is totally worth it.

The classes, the way the teachers teach, the homework, the daily schedule, everything — I think WLHS is a great experience for students all over the world. I feel like I am living a movie, a dream.
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