Titration Lab Experiment

As chemistry wraps up for the school year, Mrs. Sofia Bitter's students are finishing with the famous titration lab. Titration is a technique used to determine the concentration (molarity) of an unknown solution. This lab allows students to put into practice all the knowledge they’ve attained this year. In this lab, students start with a known concentration of acid, but are working to find out the unknown concentration of the base they have been given. They use their knowledge of acids, bases, indicators, molarity, concentration, and more to calculate and determine a number of factors as they experiment.
During the lab, students work to get a perfect clear-pink color for their solution, indicating when their solution had reached the endpoint.

Students get the chance to look back and reflect on one year ago when they perhaps didn’t know words such as decanting, limiting reactant, molarity, stoichiometry, and equilibrium. It’s been a great year to learn chemistry!

Next year, students will move on to a variety of science courses at WLHS including AP chemistry, AP biology, conceptual physics, physics, AP physics, earth science, and anatomy and physiology. The Lord's continued blessings on their studies!
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