Minori from Japan

This month we are proud to introduce Minori, a senior (Grade 12) student from Nara, Japan!
Why did you choose WLHS?
When I was looking for schools in the United States, I knew that I didn’t want to go to a busy downtown place for my first time. I felt like WLHS was safe, convenient, but not too far from downtown. There are stores nearby for whatever I need and the neighborhood is peaceful. The dorms also looked nice!

What stood out the most to me was learning about the mentor-mentee program at Wisco. I found that only WLHS has that type of program. I was worried about whether I could make friends, so having that program made me feel like this school really cares about international students. 
What do you like the most about Wisco?
There are many things I appreciate about WLHS. I enjoy the way that WLHS celebrates culture with different assemblies. For example, they have assemblies to celebrate Black culture and Hispanic culture, and also celebrate International Education Week. It’s fun to learn about different cultures. 

I also love to talk to the teachers here. They are caring and I feel close to them, compared with the teachers I knew in Japan.

I like that we have a lot of activities; we have shuttles to different places around Milwaukee and many things to do, which helped me to adjust. 

I also enjoy the host family program for holidays. I don’t have any family here locally, so it feels like a relief to be in a family environment, to have a rest from the dorm and school, and become familiar with a family. I really love the families I have gotten to know in the WLHS community.
What advice would you give to future students at WLHS?
At first, it can be hard for international students to fit in. I used to try to change myself to fit in, but I learned that I should keep being myself. I was worried about making friends, but when I am just myself and do the things I enjoy, I find people who are similar to me. I was also worried about getting along with the teachers. When I got involved in Art Club, I found friends with similar interests to me, and got to know the art teachers as well. Even when I go to math class, the teachers are always positive and friendly. In the dorm, sometimes I would be drawing for fun and people would walk up to me and say that they like to draw, too, so I made friends through doing what I love! Remember to smile and try to keep a positive attitude!
Who has been a great influence on you at WLHS?
My whole experience here has changed me a lot; it is so different from being in Japan. Everything is so new and sometimes I can’t even believe that it is real. My perspective has become so much wider. Our school is very diverse, which means that I have learned about all different kinds of people and ways of life.
I think I have become more positive since I came here, because of the culture of the school. After coming here, I appreciate more things; I am more thankful. Living in a dorm I have learned about the backgrounds of people in many other countries and I am very grateful for everything I have, and everything I have experienced.
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