Measure of Academic Progress in Math

All Algebra 1 students must go through testing called Measure of Academic Progress (MAP). MAP assessments are a computer adaptive achievement test which means that the computer adjusts the difficulty of the questions so that each student takes a unique test. The difficulty of each question is based on how well a student has answered previous questions. In the end, students receive a MAP RIT score which is norm-referenced to other students and represents a point on a continuous scale of learning.
WLHS math teachers use the MAP results by having their students input their MAP RIT score into IXL or Khan Academy, online learning resources, to create an individualized learning plan. Students work on these individualized learning plans throughout the semester in an effort to increase their RIT score. To make it more fun, many of our math teachers make it a competition to see who can obtain the largest growth score and highest RIT score in the class. Normally a high school student will increase their MAP score by 3 points from fall to spring testing. Our goal is that each student increase their MAP RIT score by at least 6 points! 

The math department also uses the MAP RIT score with freshman student placement and achievement. According to MAP students that have a MAP RIT score of 235 are ready to learn Algebra 1, 245 are ready to learn Geometry and 255 or higher are ready to learn Advanced Algebra and maybe even College Algebra!  If you're an incoming freshman and take MAP, how much can you grow and how high of a score can you get?
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