I Am Free In Christ: Thanksgiving for Civil Rights

The Civil Rights movement in this country led by Martin Luther King, Jr. and others brought attention to the biblical value of respect and honor for all people whom God created in his image. Though imperfect in this life, civic freedom is based upon the freedom from sin, death and the devil that Christ has won for all people. Annually WLHS formally gives thanks to God for civil rights and spiritual freedom in Christ with a special service. This year inclement weather prompted us to move this service to Wednesday, January 17. Click here for the livestreamed service.
Our thanks to alum Pastor Snowden Sims ('80) of St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Columbus, Ohio, who spoke on the theme I Am Free In Christ, and to Mrs. Becky Metzger and Mr. Jeff Krumbein who assisted with worship. Pastor Sims and his wife Melinda ('88) are graduates of WLHS. Pastor Sims serves as the WELS Michigan District President and is the first African American to serve in this role.
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