2024-25 Course Selections

Juniors: School Counselors will finish individual meetings with juniors on February 9.

Sophomores: School Counselors will schedule a time to meet with sophomores starting on February 12. 

Freshman: School Counselors will schedule a time to meet with freshman starting on February 22. 

We are pleased to help your family this spring as we continue to develop your child’s Academic and Career Plan. Please use the following documents and information to prepare as a family before your child selects courses in onCampus:
Please note course request changes may not be made past April 15, 2024. 

If you have any questions, review our Resource Board in onCampus for resources and tools or contact your student's school counselor. 

Grey Davis
Director of Student Services

Emily Jiles
School Counselor
Last Name A-HA

Katie Chavez
School Counselor
Last Name HE-P

Pete Schumacher
School Counselor
Last Name Q-Z
Phone: 414-453-4567  |  Fax: 414-453-3001