Craftsman with Character

Craftsman with Character is a career-based learning experience WLHS has been studying in the 2023-24 school year. CwC recently started in Edgerton, WI at Edgerton Gear Inc. through sponsorship with the US Navy and has now expanded to the Milwaukee area. The creation of CwC was a response to the need for every high school student to develop skills necessary to become career and life ready. The program consists of field visits to local companies in business and trade pathways along with a curriculum that focuses on character development. Participating in this program also links students who are going directly to the workforce after high school to potential employers in the Milwaukee area. Click here to learn more about CwC.
WLHS hopes to pilot a small group of students in CwC for the spring of 2025. School Counselors will select seniors who are in good academic standing and are trades career focused. Our hope is that our first cohort of students see success in this career-based learning program and that we are able to offer this to many students beyond the 2024-25 school year. If you have any questions related to career pathways or experiences please review our Career Pathways Catalog or contact Director of Student Services Mr. Grey Davis at
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