Did you know? Some facts about Viking Steel

On March 22, after a snowy start to the day, Viking Steel was still able to hold its spring concert. WLHS is one of only a few high schools in Wisconsin that offers steel pan, and one of the few co-curriculars at WLHS with 60+ members. Enjoy some more facts about Viking Steel:
  • Viking Steel was started in 2017 and uses the steel pan, an instrument native to the Carribean islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Most of the Viking Steels pans were built by Tommy Crichlow, a member at WELS Hope Lutheran Church in Toronto.
  • WLHS currently has three co-curricular steelbands, two junior Vikings camps, and one summer band.
  • There are 60 high school students in program. There are an additional 40 kids in summer camp and 15 kids in the grade school band, and 18 students participate on tour. This puts the entire program at more than 130 pan players.
  • The average size of the high school band is 20 members.
  • Viking Steel is the largest steel pan group in Wisconsin.
  • Viking Steel will be performing and assisting in worship at the 2024 WELS International Youth Rally at Colorado State University on June 25-28.
  • Viking Steel not only participates in worship at about 6-7 local congregations a year, but has also performed at the Basilica of Holy Hill and various parades through the summer.
The Viking Steel traveling group includes 42 barrels which are:
  • 8 leads
  • 4 double seconds
  • 1 double tenor
  • 4 double guitars
  • 1 four-pan cello
  • 2 six-bass
  • drumset
March is Music In Our Schools Month®. For even more photos from the 2024 Spring Viking Steel concert, click here.
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