Thomas Doerr ('25) Achieves Perfect 36 ACT

WLHS is grateful to announce that this year junior Thomas Doerr is our seventh perfect score in the past seven years. And, apparently, some secret sauce must be involved. “I actually think it’s quite funny,” he said. “I’m the third of four brothers, so far, to get a perfect score. We joke that my one brother only got a 35.” Tommy intends to enroll at Martin Luther College to study for the pastoral ministry.

Introduced in 1959, the American College Test now known as the ACT is written by millions of high school juniors every year. The highest achievable ACT score is 36; fewer than 1% of the annual ACT writers earn that score—rare company.
Tommy has just as faithfully applied his other gifts while at Wisco. Just a few of his co-curriculars include: drama club, drama and musical productions, brass, percussion and jazz ensembles, Page Turners book club, cross country, Pilot student newspaper, Wisco Witnesses in the World, and Inspiration Vocal Jazz and Chamber Choir. While on the 2024 Wisco Civil Rights Tour, Tommy received the E-mail alerting him of his perfect score.

Maybe there's something to be said about family genes, but Tommy also credits the academic studies at Wisco for preparing him. "I felt pretty good going into the test," he said. "I woke up that morning, took a run, and made sure I had snacks. It's a long test!" Was any of it hard? "Well, the science part took the most work because of the time to analyze the information." But, he made it through. And, now he is in the small company of just over 5,000 students who got a perfect score this year. Congratulations, Tommy!
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