Rock Climbing Team Ascends at State

2023-24 was the inaugural year for the WLHS rock climbing club under the direction of Ms. Rachel Rosenberg, Mr. Tim Meister, and Mrs. Bekah & Mr. Mical Schaffer. The club had a total of 26 climbers. In its first year, Wisco took eleven rock climbers to State to compete in both top rope and bouldering at the Downtown Adventure Rock. Four climbers made it to the final five in their divisions including Oliver Saugstad ('27), Caden Schaffer ('27), Mina Schaffer ('27), and Talia Meister ('26).
In the men's division, Oliver took 5th in Division 2 and Caden took 3rd in Division 4. In the female's division, Mina took 2nd, and Talia took 3rd in Division 4. Division 4 is the highest and hardest division to climb in! Overall, Wisco had a successful season and took 7th as a team at state! We can't wait to see how our team grows and climbs next year.
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