National Youth Apprenticeship Week

May 5-11 is National Youth Apprenticeship Week. Many youth apprenticeship programs are offered by the state through the WLHS curriculum and local companies. Youth apprenticeship provides students career related curriculum in combination with hands-on experience. During the school day, students work in potential career fields in local companies to earn a certificate of achievement that can be helpful for college admission and a resume. WLHS students often follow our Career Pathways Catalog and complete a youth apprenticeship as their capstone course into a potential career area of interest.
This year, we are excited to have 11 students who are planning to take part in youth apprenticeships ranging from nursing assistant, architecture and construction, pharmacy technician, professional sales, and manufacturing. Contact Mr. Pete Schumacher who is the WLHS youth apprenticeship coordinator if you are interested in pursuing a youth apprenticeship program in the 2025-26 school year or beyond.
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