Bridge & Build Event at Lambeau Field

Seventeen WLHS students attended and participated in a "Bridge and Build: Sports with a Bigger Purpose" youth summit at Lambeau Field on May 6. Sports unite Wisconsinites — and this event brought together students from public, charter, and private schools along with political leaders from all over Wisconsin. The day involved stories of learning, leading, earning, sharing — and courage as students' stories were shared. Mr. Mark Murphy, the Packers CEO, also spoke. Students from Beloit, Milwaukee, Neenah, and Kenosha reported on mental health education and community service from the “Bringing Lambeau Home” theme of their 2022 event. Three WLHS students served as journalists doing video interviews to understand the views of those attending and explore the power of youth voice. The WLHS varsity Step Team performed a salute to the students from Beloit Memorial HS who had shared stories of their personal challenges and courage to step up against violence.
After their performance, Dr. Ken Fisher, who was one of the speakers, explained to those in attendance, "The Step Team demonstrated the same characteristics that the young men from Beloit need to solve those challenges: a great deal of teamwork, hard work, and creativity." Middle and high school students from over a dozen schools displayed posters that reflected achievements and aspirations in the areas of learning, earning, leading, and serving. WLHS students who documented "Wisco Witnesses in the World" were the runners-up in the poster contest.

The day ended with a tailgate lunch and tours of Lambeau and a visit to the Pro Shop.
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