3D Technology Enhances Learning in World History Class

With a twelve dollar 3D headset, their own smart phones, and a virtual reality teaching tool called Expeditions, students in Mr. Iles' World History classes are now able to visit ancient Egpytian pyramids, see the top of Mt. Everest, swim in the depths of the ocean—all in a 42-minute class period. "We get to experience things as if we were there, rather than just looking at pictures in a book," says Hannah S., a freshman in Mr. Iles' class. "It shows us things we can't go see and makes it look even better than on a computer screen," says sophomore Colin O.
Students in Mr. Iles' classes appreciate how he has been incorporating technology into his classes. Says sophomore Brandon P., "We are learning so much about the past, and Mr. Iles does a good job showing how that affects the future. He makes the class fun."

The students all agree that other WLHS classes would greatly benefit from this 3D virtual reality teaching tool including science and more history classes.
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