WLHS Grad Heads to Argentina and Peru

Seth Weide (’15) had his plans set. He was going to attend the University of Wisconsin–Madison to pursue a degree in veterinarian medicine.

At least that’s what he thought until February of his senior year. It was at that point when he began to consider the ministry.

“There were a lot of teachers at WLHS who encouraged me. Plus, I had a great group of friends who were supportive,” says Weide. “Once I made the decision to focus on becoming a pastor, I never looked back. The thought of sharing Jesus’ love every day and leading others got me excited.”
After two years at Martin Luther College (MLC), Weide is preparing for another change in plans. He’s taking a year off to study and volunteer in South America.

While at WLHS, Weide took four years of Spanish and continued with the language at MLC.

“From the beginning, I was impressed with Seth’s love of Spanish and his positive attitude toward a demanding curriculum,” says MLC Spanish professor Paul Bases. “His Spanish classes at Wisco fully prepared him and inspired him to use the language and take advantage of an opportunity that was put in front of him.”

Through MLC’s study aboard program, Weide will spend June and part of July in Buenos Aires, Argentina, taking classes to hone his grammar skillsand conversational Spanish. After that, he’ll move to Callao, Peru, to teach English at B-Group Schools, a Lutheran Christian Academy for students age 6-16.

“I want to use Spanish in my preaching ministry so this is a great way to immerse myself in the language, experience another culture, explore another country and meet new people,” says Weide.

Since he took several Advanced Placement (AP) classes at WLHS, Weide entered MLC with 16 college credits. Those credits, plus some schedule changes, will allow him to graduate on time—even though he’ll be off campus for an entire school year.

“I wouldn’t have been able to spend time abroad if it wasn’t for the advanced classes I took during high school,” says Weide. “Really, Wisco was such a blessing for me. It shaped me into the person I am today.”


“Seth is a great kid who’ll be a fantastic pastor. He’s the type of person who naturally gets along with anyone. I’ll never forget the day he told me about his decision to become a pastor. He said, ‘I could make a lot of money as a vet but what good would that do me in heaven? I’m going to be a pastor instead and preach the Gospel.’
” —Darrell Roecker, WLHS assistant principal

This year, 68 WLHS students are participating in 10 different Share the Mission trips in the United States and abroad to share God’s promise of salvation. The international destinations include Sonora and Mahahual, Mexico, Grenada and China.
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