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  • Viking Annual Fund

    The Viking Annual Fund provides essential financial support to areas of need, such as:
    • Spiritual Life
    • Student Activities
    • Academic Excellence
    • Area of Greatest Need
    The Viking Annual Fund is essential to the school’s operational budget.

    If you have questions about giving to the Viking Annual Fund, contact Director of Mission Advancement Matt Bilitz at 414-256-4567 ext 2015. To make a gift online, click here.

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  • Boiler Replacement Project

    After 58 years of heating WLHS, our boiler "Claude," has decided to retire. Our remaining boiler 'Maude" simply can't do the work alone, so we must find her a new counterpart. We need $750,000 to purchase a new boiler and we simply can't do it without you! To help keep YOU warm, we will send you an awesome WLHS hat as a thank you for your $50 donation!

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  • Your Past. Their Future.

    Think back on your high school days. What's your favorite memory? At this very moment, students at Wisconsin Lutheran High School are creating their own life-long memories.

    This school year, our need is greater than ever, with enrollment at nearly 800 souls.

    WLHS experiences aren't possible without your help. The cost to educate a student ($11,910) is much higher than our current tuition ($8,400). We must raise $3,510 for each and every student attending WLHS this year.

    With your gift, you are creating the WLHS experience for a new generation.
All students benefit from generous gifts of individuals, conference churches, and organizations committed to our ministry.

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