2018 Academic Top Ten

Wisconsin Lutheran High School is pleased to announce the academic top ten for the Class of 2018:
     1. Nathan Wranovsky (St. Paul, Muskego)
     2. Meghan Ludke (St. Paul, Muskego)
     3. Lauren Konkol (St. John, Wauwatosa)
     4. Hannah Lukasik (Victory of the Lamb, Franklin)
     5. Madyson Derouin (St. Paul, Franklin)
     5. Lucas Roecker (Trinity, Waukesha)
     7. Lauren Bacik (Trinity, Waukesha)
     8. Kristin Uher (Mt. Calvary, Waukesha)
     9. Ethan Rindfleisch (St. John, Wauwatosa)
    10. Anna Hahm (Zion, Hartland
Rankings are based on the cumulative GPA (grade point average) of seniors at the end of seven semesters. If several students share the same cumulative GPA, the following formula is used to break the tie:
  • Rigor of study (number of AP courses taken) - 40%
  • ACT score - 25%
  • National Merit status - 20%
  • Co-curricular participation - 15%
Congratulations to these students on their outstanding academic achievements!