WLHS Academic Achievements

One hundred percent of WLHS seniors completed the ACT exam as 11th-graders. This is the first time that an entire class took the test. Students in the top quarter of the class of 2018 averaged 28.0 (91st percentile) on the ACT, while the top half of the class scored an average of 25.3 (83rd percentile). The top three-quarters of the class averaged 23.1 (70th percentile) on the exam. Achieving a 23 on the ACT means a student scored in the top third of all students nationwide.
The Class of 2018 average composite score for the entire class is 20.8, outpacing the averages for the state (20.1) and Milwaukee district (16.3). As a whole, WLHS students also outperformed their peers’ ACT scores in math, reading, science, English, English language arts and STEM at the state and district level.