ACT Prep for All Juniors - February 21

On Tuesday, February 27, the Class of 2019 will take the ACT during the school day.  To prepare for this, all juniors will participate in an ACT preparatory session on Wednesday, February 21 in the auditorium during 6th, 7th, and 8th hours. The prep session will be conducted by Mr. Kreigh Knerr of Knerr Educational Services who has personally helped thousands of students from all over the world improve their test scores. He is the author of Tips from the Top: A Tutor to the 1% Reveals His Tricks, created two widely-celebrated mobile apps that are used by schools, tutors, and students throughout America to accelerate reading comprehension and significantly raise test scores and is currently researching and writing a book on the subject of critical thinking and its function in the modern world. 

The Class of 2018 was the first class at WLHS to take the ACT as a whole. Students in the top quarter of the class of 2018 averaged 28.0 (91st percentile) on the ACT, while the top half of the class scored an average of 25.3 (83rd percentile). The top three-quarters of the class averaged 23.1 (70th percentile) on the exam. Achieving a 23 on the ACT means a student scored in the top third of all students nationwide.
The Class of 2018 average composite score for the entire class is 20.8, outpacing the averages for the state (20.1) and Milwaukee district (16.2). As a whole, WLHS students also outperformed their peers ACT scores in math, reading, science, English, English language arts and STEM at the state and district level. Our goal is that with additional prep, the class of 2019 will meet and possibly surpass the high standards that have already been set by the Class of 2018.