"Escape the Room" Funtivity

WLHS junior student Lucas Xu from Nanjing, China, reflects on a recent activity he did with friends and House Parents in our Student Homes program.
Saturday, September 16th, I went to a funtivity called, “Escape the Room” with Mr. and Mrs. Treuden and seven other students. We had a lot of fun there. When we got there, a staff member briefly explained the rules of the game to us. He told us our mission was to get out of the room in one hour. After that, the game started. We were first sent to a small room. There we saw an envelope on the wall, a bench, some pieces of an unfinished puzzle, and two doors. The design of the game was very impressive. We had to find the clues one-by-one to be able to enter the next room to look for more clues. Many hands make light work; we easily entered the next room and opened up another door which was full of special signs. At the beginning, we were very confused about the meaning of those signs, but with a helpful hint from a staff member who was overseeing our game, we were able to figure out the meanings of the signs. The rest of the game was very easy. In the end, we escaped the room and still had 5 minutes to spare. It was very fun, and I did enjoy working with my teammates. If there is another chance to do to this activity, I will sign up and go for sure.