Milwaukee Public Museum Funtivity

Take a peek at Grade 11 student Samantha Xu's reflection on a recent Wisco Student Homes funtivity to the Milwaukee Public Museum!
A group of students visited the Milwaukee Public Museum in the afternoon on Saturday, September 16th, with Mr. & Mrs. Cleven. It was fascinating and had many novel things.

The first floor of the museum was all about ancient humans and different environments on the earth. There were a lot of excellent exhibits. For example, the first thing I saw was a huge dinosaur’s skeleton hanging on the ceiling; it’s about fifty meters long. Furthermore, I saw all kinds of precious ores which were displayed on shelves. They had different colors and were shining under the light. The museum also imitates an old street of ancient Milwaukee. We can see how people worked and lived at that time period. At last, my favorite exhibit was the different types of butterflies. There were pretty butterfly-like colored flowers blowing in every corner of the museum. They put me in a good mood and made me feel the beauty of nature.

I did not go to the second floor because of the time problems; however, I enjoy this funtivity because I gained a lot knowledge about my favorite thing, nature.