Funtivity trip to Holy Hill

Here's a glimpse of a recent Student Homes trip through the eyes of Grade 9 student Amber from California...
I went to Holy Hill with Mr. and Mrs. Reitz for my first quarter funtivity. When we got there, we walked up the big hill to the church. Isabella, another student, and I went our own way to explore the church. We went up to the third floor of the church and went into one of the religious rooms. We had to be completely silent. The reason we had to be completely silent was because people come there to pray or worship. Next, we went up to one of the towers. The tower has 178 stairs and a spiraling staircase. The stairway was pretty narrow so we had to wait for everyone who was coming down to pass us before we could go up. The view from up there was so beautiful; we could see everything from up there. After that, we met up with the rest of the group. We were all wondering where the monks and nuns live. We thought that they lived in a building that we were sitting in front of so Isabella and I went into that building and tried to investigate. We chickened out when we found out there was no one else there and we heard a door open. Then, we all went back to the van to head back home to get ready for the homecoming dance.