Apple Picking Funtivity

Grade 10 student Stephanie from Virginia, who lives in the Wisco Student Homes, shares about her first time apple picking as part of a recent "funtivity!" 
I’ve never gone apple picking before, but on October 7th, I was able to experience it for the first time. Mr. and Mrs. Ewings, the House Parents of Bethlehem House, took five students to go apple picking. Those five students were Amber, Helen, Isabella, Hans and I. It was a long ride, but it also felt short when we were listening to music and communicating with each other. Once we arrived, we divided into two groups. Each group either had one large bag for the apples or one small bag for the apples. We each got to spend $25 on other things. Some people got apple cider while others bought random items from one of the apple picking places. We also took a lot of photos to keep for memories. The next day at Bethlehem House, we baked several things with the apples. We made apple crisps, apple turnovers, and an apple tart. Not only did we make it -- we ate it, and it was amazing! Overall, this experience was fun, and hopefully we are able to do it again next year.