Corn Maze Funtivity

Grade 10 student Lauren Butler from Manassas, Virginia, describes a recent Student Homes funtivity to a local corn maze.
A few weeks ago, students from the Student Homes along with some house parents went to a “haunted corn maze” for a funtivity. We left around 5:30pm and drove for maybe a half an hour before arriving. It was cold, so we all made sure to bundle up before leaving. The sun had set so it was dark out which we knew would affect our time trying to get through the maze. We stood around a bonfire before we went into the maze, and the suspense definitely was building as we approached the entrance. The path inside the maze was only wide enough to walk single file, so my group had to walk in a line. I was unfortunate enough to be in the back of the line so any actor in the maze that followed us was really following me! There were a few small houses that we had to go through in order to get to the end. All the houses had themes and the actors inside them went along with that theme. There were spiders, clowns, aliens, a hospital, and some weird animal thing. Because of all the strobe lights, it was hard to see what was around us, and the actors just seemed to appear out of nowhere. We eventually made it through after about 45 minutes and were relieved. As we waited for the rest of the groups to come out, we got to feed the goats, sheep, and cows that were at the small farm there. Finally, we took a relaxing drive home.