Wisco Winter Camp 2020

A group of 14 Korean high school students experienced a winter camp program at WLHS from January 11-22.  
On the day of their arrival, the Korean students overcame jet lag with a tour of Chicago before meeting their local host families for the program.  The Korean students were paired with "Wisco Friends," American students who had their Korean buddy shadow them through most of the school day.  In the afternoons, the Korean students studied a special "English and U.S. culture class" and went on an assortment of field trips around the area.  The students also toured the Honey Creek Hall dormitory and participated in activities with the dorm students.  The camp experience culminated with a closing ceremony in which each student spoke about their camp experience and received a certificate of participation.

Special thanks to the Wisco friends and host families for their great care of the Korean students during their stay here.  We hope to see some of these campers back to WLHS as full-time students in the fall!
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