Dormitory Friends' Open House

On Friday, February 21, the girls of Honey Creek Hall enjoyed the opportunity to invite a local school friend into the dormitory for an afternoon. While guests can ordinarily spend time with residents in the lobby, this was a chance to bring friends upstairs into their units and bedrooms and introduce them to dorm life. Stephanie Hernandez ('20) organized this event with games, snacks, and a contest with trivia about the dorm. Do you know the answers to these trivia questions?
Q: How many students live in the dormitory? A: 69
Q: From how many countries do the students come? A: 14
Q: Which country has the most students living in the dormitory currently? A: Vietnam
Q: How many months did it take for the dormitory to be built? A: 10
Q: How many units does the dormitory have? A: 15
Q: What time does dinner start for these students? A: 5:30pm
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