Welcoming Brazilian Friends

The WLHS International Program hosted a special two-week winter camp program for three wonderful students visiting from Bragança Paulista, Brazil.
In their time here, the girls immersed themselves in the Wisco high school experience through participating in a host of school activities, including special spirit week festivities and the annual Lunar New Year party.  They attended classes each day by shadowing their "Wisco friends" -- all students planning to attend the upcoming summer mission trip to Brazil.   In the afternoons, the girls took excursions throughout the local community to see the sights of the Milwaukee area and participate in volunteer activities such as presenting about their Brazilian culture at local grade schools. The girls stayed with wonderful American families who took care of them and introduced them to more aspects of local culture, and on the final weekend they got to experience a few days of dorm life in Honey Creek Hall.

We wish the girls all the best upon their return to Brazil!
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