Senior Seminar in Madison

In just four short weeks, the graduating WLHS Class of 2022 will walk across the podium, accept their diplomas, and step into the world of higher education. As our students prepare for this significant life transition, the residential program held a seminar to help them begin thinking about the new opportunities, decisions, and responsibilities that they will soon be facing as adults.
The group traveled to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where they heard various WLHS alumni speakers talk about topics such as networking, college life tips, campus jobs and organizations, and how to find support and community through campus ministries and other resources. After the presentations, they also had some fun with their classmates, with recreation at the university student union, and an enjoyable dinner in downtown Madison's famous State Street. This was the first annual college success seminar, and we look forward to seeing the class of 2022 go on to thrive in the next chapter of their academic and professional journeys!
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