PreACT Secure Replacing ACT Aspire Test

On Tuesday, April 18, all freshman and sophomore students will take the required PreACT Secure. Dismissal is at 11:15 a.m. Breakfast will be available, but lunch will not be served. Seniors and juniors do not have school that day. PreACT Secure replaces the ACT Aspire.
PreACT Secure tests English, reading, math, and science, and scoring will run 1 to 35. Unlike the ACT Aspire, where the scores were in the hundreds (300, 400, etc.), the lower scoring system aligns the PreACT with the ACT scoring system. Nikki Braconier, ACT program coordinator at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, believes the new scoring will make it easier for parents to envision what their kids’ scores will be on the ACT.

Other differences: PreACT Secure does not include a writing test. Students must take the test, covering all subjects, in one sitting, like the ACT. PreACT Secure runs 155 minutes, compared to 285 minutes for ACT Aspire.
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