2016-17 State Report Card and Academic Update

Academic Update
One hundred percent of WLHS seniors completed the ACT exam as 11th-graders. This is the first time that an entire class took the test. Students in the top quarter of the class of 2018 averaged 28.0 (91st percentile) on the ACT, while the top half of the class scored an average of 25.3 (83rd percentile). The top three-quarters of the class averaged 23.1 (70th percentile) on the exam. Achieving a 23 on the ACT means a student scored in the top third of all students nationwide.
Wisco’s all-student composite score was 20.8, outpacing the averages for the state (20.1) and Milwaukee district (16.2). As a whole, WLHS students also outperformed their peers’ ACT scores in math, reading, science, English, English language arts and STEM at the state and district level.

Academic Priorities
WLHS uses the ACT results along with other data to determine which academic areas are doing well, which need extra support, and which should be recognized for outstanding performance or progress. Although the ACT scores for our college-bound students are well above average, we are striving for continued improvement. As a school, we did not reach the level we want on the new state report card. One area of focus will be improving proficiency scores. We know that setting high expectations for each individual is one key to closing the achievement gap. We expect all WLHS students to achieve their highest potential, and we believe we can and should do better.

To accelerate continued growth for all students—including those who are already achieving at a high level—the school is conducting a comprehensive curriculum review to ensure we’re keeping pace with the ever-changing demands of the 21st century. The board has already approved 10 changes to the curriculum, including adding two Advanced Placement classes: AP physics and AP statistics. Rather than focusing narrowly on preparing students for standardized tests, our goal is to ensure all students have the knowledge, skills and Christian character necessary to succeed after high school.

WLHS State Report Card
The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) began providing Wisconsin Lutheran High School (WLHS) with a state report card last year. Click here to view the WLHS school-wide report card. The WLHS choice student report card can be viewed here.

DPI calculates an Overall Score based mainly on four “Priority Areas.” They are:
  • Student Achievement (80 percent of the WLHS 2016-17 score)
    Student achievement measures the level of knowledge and skills among students in the school, compared to state and national standards. DPI uses a formula to calculate the numbers on this chart. WLHS’ actual ELA and math scores are higher than the state and Milwaukee district averages.
  • School Growth (0 percent of the WLHS 2016-17 score)
    DPI has not developed a method to calculate School Growth for high schools, which means that section of the report card will only be completed for grade schools.
  • Closing Gaps (0 percent of the WLHS 2016-17 score)
    WLHS’ results were reported to DPI, but DPI will not begin including those scores until data has been collected for three to five years.
  • On-Track/Postsecondary Readiness (20 percent of the WLHS 2016-17 score)
    This area focuses on attendance and graduation rates.

Please note, DPI makes deductions to the Overall Score for schools that are not meeting specific goals e.g., attendance. WLHS achieved these goals, which means no deductions were made to our school’s Overall Score.

To view a list of educational options in the state, visit https://dpi.wi.gov/ed-options.

Please feel free to contact Principal Leyrer with questions. We look forward to partnering with you to make 2018 a successful year for your child!
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